Our school is one of the best schools in our Cluster 1.1 in Ekurhuleni South district in terms of curriculum delivery. Even though our school is situated within the squatter camp and coming from the farm school background, our performance speaks for itself. The number of our learners have been increasing yearly because every parent want his/her child to be enrolled at our school because of our academic reputation. Previous year (2013) our school got hundred (100%) percent in Mathematics in grade 6 during ANA examinations. The total average of our ANA achievement for 2013 is 66%. Our Maths teacher for grade 6 has was won a Provincial Award in Maths for Excellency in Teaching Mathematics. The District Curriculum Team has encouraged other schools to come to our school for advices on how they can improve their results. This means our school has now become the role model school within the Cluster. The school is also giving learners awards for academic excellency on term basis. This has proved to be working very well for the school and our learners are motivated and competitive. It is through this background that our school wants to be adopted by “Winners” because we believe that we are also the “Winners”.