Since the school is coming from the farm school background, it is poor both socially and economically. Our school has been declared a “Quintile 1” (non- fee-paying school), this means, our learners are not paying, and the school offers them everything for free. Even though our school is a Section 21, the money given from the government is “ring fenced” specifically for Learning and Teaching Materials, Services and Maintenance only. Learners attending at our school are from mixed black cultural backgrounds and they are mostly poor as they are from within the area. Most of our learner population are Isizulu and Xitsonga speaking.

The conditions of our school are generally poor, even though are gradually improving due to the municipal development that is taking place within the area. The school does not have an electricity and the water supply from the area is poor. Our running toilets are maintained through the water from the tanks that are filled once per week by the department.